Mandy Savage

This is a character I made for a play-by-post game of Troika! that just started, and who I am excited to play.

Edit: I never got to actually play Mandy Savage because our GM bailed on the game, and I stepped up and started running it. She remains filed away in my collection of characters I hope to play some day.

 Amanda Poffo Savage is a journeyman apprentice to Key Master Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya Garcia. She’s in the middle of the journey part of her journeyman program, out traveling the spheres in her master’s name in search of arcane locks, challenging chests, devious doors, enigmatic entryways, and profound portals to study and contemplate.

She can’t return home until she has crossed a barrier that has never been breached before.

She wears the traditional claviger raiment, a heavy mantel of keys of all shapes and sizes that nearly fully envelopes her. And she carries a distinguished sledgehammer that she walks with like a staff and which is mostly ceremonial. Mostly.

Under the mantel of keys she wears a long tasseled cloak of flamboyant pink, purple, yellow, and teal. On her face she wears oversized wraparound rimless sunglasses. On her head a large gaudy cowboy hat.

Her muscles bulge under the weight of the keys, and she often wears a wide lipless grin void of mirth and full of teeth.

“Nacho’s man” Mandy Savage (as all Ignacio’s apprentices are known) doesn’t think long at all before accepting the Plumber’s summons. She isn’t so much motivated by the return of her artifact—a trifling bauble—but by the potential to work on yet another portal.

She shrugs into her mantle of keys and grabs her hammer, and lumbers out into the night, clinking and clanking all the way, muttering a brief prayer to each doorway through which she passes.