The High Grand Looker Upper Guild Council

The High Grand Looker Upper Guild Council is the governing oversight body of the individual Grand Looker Upper Guilds, including the Association of Cloud Peepers, the Star Gazers, the Solarians, and the Lunar Society.

It provides shared resources to the guilds, mediates interguild disputes, and acts as a disciplinary body when necessary.

This original Grand Looker Upper Guild suffered infighting and schisms and eventually dissolved into the present day guilds. Each of the modern guilds believes itself to bear the torch and embody the spirit of the original.

1. Association of Cloud Peepers

The Cloud Peepers concern themselves with the shape and form of clouds. They are the most open and egalitarian of the Grand Looker Upper Guilds, accepting any and all applicants.

Members often act solitary, but sometimes organize into loosely federated groups called billows.

Their chief output is drawings and sketches of shapes they see in passing clouds, making order out of disorder. Some peepers believe in an almost divinatory quality of their work. They are dreamers, artists, and painters.

They require no special tools or conditions to do their work other than a view of the sky.

2. Star Gazers

Numerologists, mathematicians, astrologers, and astronomers, the Star Gazers chart and track the movement of the stars. Ruled by logic and science, they stand in stark contrast to the dreamy, artsy cloud peepers.

They are highly organized and elect new guild officials every year.

They operate chiefly at night, and ideally in sparsely populated areas far away from the light pollution of urban areas.

3. Solarians

The Solarians are also into stars in a way, but only just the one. Ours. Sol.

They are a boisterous and rowdy bunch, into athleticism and feats of strength and daring. They live life fully and deeply. They go nuts at sunrise and sunset, reveling in the dramatic bursts of color. They are often loud and flashy, and wear obnoxiously bright colors.

They have a nurturing side though, too. Solarians honor the sun and the life it supports by growing and cultivating plants. Their greenhouses are legendary, and they have created numerous hybrid fruits and plant strains.

4. Lunar Society

The most secretive and select of the Grand Looker Upper Guilds. The lunar society organizes into individual covens which operate independently of each other and meet on the full moon.

They are mystics whose works take on an almost religious aspect. They are historians, keepers of lore and myths, who chronicle events by the phases of the moon.