Two approaches that a developer could choose from while building a web application. The first was to create screen-based system with java or flash. Other was to create page-based system using XHTML and CSS. However, a new technological approach has come into existence Ajax it is the right mix of both the above approach.

As screen-based applications give users the power to enter and manage information on small number of screens that can be instantly update with changes done. These applications are generally build by developers that imitate finesse of desktop applications with the use of java or flash. Whereas page-based applications are, build using standard web technologies. The developers will forcibly deal with load-reload effect of normal web pages. In this, users who enters and manage information must sit through a page refresh in order for their changes to take place.

While both of these approach are successful in themselves but they have drawbacks as well. Ajax is a middle road of both these approach as it has taken benefits of both screen and page based approaches. It allows more finesse functionality using easy to imply web standards. Ajax has proved as an alternative for creating competent web application.

Even if Ajax is using web designer in delhi interfaces that are same as other approaches but it is still better as Google has built applications using Ajax like Google maps, Gmail etc... also if you want that your application should work out well with all web browsers then use Ajax to develop your applications.

Use Ajax application for web development as it a solid alternative of screen-based applications and have relative ease with page-based application. Hiring a web application development Delhi can help you develop an application that would be user friendly and highly useful develop with Ajax.