A few days ago we started installing window sills, and somehow we decided (I don't remember why) to use a full 5/4 by 8, which would stick out from the wall a little more than typical. However we decided that was OK. When R— cut them and put them in, it was obvious they were too big. They already had everything cut upstairs, but we were about to start downstairs because that's the priority for the move-in, so we decided to cut them down later since they weren't nailed off yet, and it wouldn't be much extra work, and it would look better. We all went downstairs and started trimming.

Fast forward to today, when I was done downstairs, went upstairs, and nailed off all the window sills but the bathroom, which R— hadn't cut yet. When B— measured for the bathroom (since they hadn't cut any sills yet) we discovered all the sills upstairs were still too big because they hadn't been cut yet, because I didn't remember we had decided to cut them down. Now we decided to leave them as they were because the extra rework wasn't justified for the aesthetic harmony of upstairs and downstairs.

I've decided I need to remember my decisions.