Looking and not seeing

What's the word for observations not summing to their obvious conclusion? When I was backframing the oven vent I saw new blocking in the bays flanking the side door. Eventually I realized they were for the knee braces to support the awning — I even felt a touch smart because B— and the HO were initially as clueless as I was. H— put the blocking in (a few days ago?), so he must have seen the wire for the outdoor sconce poking out of the same bay. But it wasn't until today, when I was standing outside staring at the door thinking about the awning, that I realized you can't put a sconce where a knee brace goes. Cue H— and HO and eventually HO+1 figuring this problem out for twenty minutes.

Looking and not knowing, for all values of remembering

Yesterday the hangers called me upstairs to ask about the weird laundry room pocket door framing. As I explained it to them I noticed an outlet the electricians nailed up in the pocket. No one told them it was a pocket, so I don't really blame them. When I measured the pocket it was about six inches short anyway, and I had no recollection as to why, even though I framed it a few weeks ago.